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Get India's top 2% talent for your organization

Hire from a pool of 1,000,000+ passive candidates who aren't available on job boards

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Hiring Process Overview

Why Zifcare?

We're not a cookie-cutter recruitment agency. Here's how we are different:

Working on Stairs

Access passive candidates

The volume of applications on job boards puts off many good candidates from applying - we help you connect with such candidates using our internal database.

Working with Financial Documents

Stay within budget

We commit to staying within your budget and not recycling candidates - a technique used by other firms to unethically drive up their commission.


Custom employment terms

Need a fractional CXO? - No problem.

Want to incentivize via revenue share? - No problem.

We'll help you in drafting an agreement that results in win-win for you and the successful candidate.



We work with you to understand your talent needs and fulfill them

Hiring for startups is tough - apart from the right skills, candidates need the right attitude and must have the right expectations. 

That's where we come in.

Make hiring easier with Zifcare


Recruitment can be chaotic and frustrating

Has this ever happened in your organization? 

A hiring manager creates a requirement in one of your pods. Your HR teams then go into overdrive - creating social media posts, begging for referrals and spending hours scouring databases like Naukri, Instahyre and LinkedIn. 

They finally receive 500+ applications and start frantically calling everyone to gather basic details and ask them - "Tell me about yourself". After shortlisting 10 candidates they schedule the first round of interviews with a junior team member.

After weeks/months of grueling interviews, you finally find a suitable candidate and (s)he's supposed to join on Monday. Then, Monday morning arrives and your dream hire is missing. WTH!!

If you're looking to save your team's time for core work, then we're the right partner for you.



Rohit Chopra

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Hi, I'm building Zifcare to help companies build their dream team without giving them nightmares. 

I'm an IIT Kharagpur and IIM Indore alumnus. Over the past decade, I've worked with and built multiple high-performance teams.

Let's chat if you want me to do the same for you.

Zifcare Advisors LLP

HSR Layout, Bangalore, India

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