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Interview Tips for Freshers: How to Make a Lasting Impression

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Make a lasting impression by following these tips.

Worried about your first or next interview? Wondering how to crack the interview?

If yes, welcome to our blog, here you will have all the information and answers to your questions. 

Let’s delve into the journey of shaping you for the interview.


Freshers are individuals who are just starting their careers after graduating from college. Showcasing their skills and knowledge during an interview would have a lasting impression on the hiring managers and would possibly help them get the job.

Preparing for an interview can be stressful and challenging especially if you are a fresher.

There are certain things that you should be mindful of while giving your interview. 

Stay tuned with me till the end of the blog to have all those insights that will help you stay ahead of the competitive job market.

The Importance of First Impression

Having a lasting impression can be game-changing.

According to Flair HR just 7% of our initial impressions are based on what someone says, with the majority of our perceptions (55%) coming from how they look and their voice.

First impressions are like the prologue of a thriller book!

The prologue establishes the tone of the novel, offering the reader a taste of what's to come while also generating curiosity and interest.

Similarly, in an interview, your initial impression gives the interviewer an idea of your personality, confidence, and possible fit for the position. 

A captivating prologue can attract the reader in and make them ready to continue reading, much as a solid first impression can interest the interviewer and set a positive tone for the rest of the talk. 

This gives you a head start in a cut-throat competition, hence having that ever-lasting impression would give you an upper hand. 

Practice these 10 Tips for your Interview preparation

According to School Connect by 2030, there will be a remarkable 300 million students or holders of college degrees worldwide.

Practice these Interview Tips for Freshers

1. Conduct your research to learn about the company

As you read reviews of every product before buying it, similarly know the ins and outs of the company. 

Visit the company website or LinkedIn account to learn more about the kind of services and products it offers. 

Have a thorough look at the

  • Recent updates

  • Vision and mission statements

  • Product and services

  • Competitors

  • Market share, etc.

This will help you understand and engage in a more meaningful conversation with the interviewers. It will also help you analyze the company’s culture and how it operates. 

2. Groom yourself well

Just as you dress according to different occasions, similarly think of this as one of those occasions where you need to look the best.

Wear formal clothes and exhibit professionalism, it would be advisable to understand the dress code for the interview.

You have to be in proper attire even if it’s an online interview. 

It will display enthusiasm and discipline!

3. Keep your body language appropriate

Imagine you are organizing a dinner party, setting the vibe is very important.

Similarly while giving an interview using your body language to convey confidence, respect, and professionalism is very important.

Being too casual and rigid: It will create an awkward and uncomfortable vibe

Being too Formal: It can give off an odd vibe or just seem like you have memorized everything!

Here are a few tips that you can implement:

  • Make eye contact while talking.

  • Keep your back straight but don’t be stiff.

  • Have a smile on your face throughout the interview.

  • Use minimal hand gestures and nods to acknowledge the interviewer.

  • Avoid shaking hands or legs, it will depict your anxiousness. 

4. Read the job description carefully

The job description gives clarity about the position, you learn more about the roles and responsibilities. 

It helps you prepare for the interview, utilizing this information you can showcase your skills and experience about the job.

By doing this you will be able to have better communication with hiring managers to demonstrate your suitability for the job.

5. Ensure proper communication

Calm your nerves and take deep breaths before entering the interview as interview anxiety is very common among freshers.

Practice these tips as a fresher to have clear communication.

  • Listen and understand the question before answering it.

  • Structure your sentences before answering the interviewer. 

  • Use formal language and be polite while answering. 

  • Choose your words carefully and keep them precise and crisp. 

6. Practice your responses at home

As you used to read aloud while memorizing theoretical subjects, similarly stand in front of a mirror and practice your responses to common questions asked in interviews.

This helps you to develop confidence and once you hear your voice you can easily adjust your tone wherever needed. 

You can also practice this in front of your friends and family, ask them for feedback, and implement that accordingly. 

7. Prepare and organize your necessary documents

If you’re going for an in-person interview, arrange and carry all your documents and securely keep them in a file. Carry at least five copies of your resume and other documents.

Bring a pen and notepad to take notes. If needed, double-check everything to avoid any mistakes. 

Arrive early so you can get enough time to mentally and physically prepare for the interview and get used to your surroundings.

8. Know everything that’s there in your resume

Sometimes as a fresher, you might add things just to get the job. It’s very important to be aware of the things that you are adding.

Not being able to answer questions about things you have listed on the resume can become a major embarrassment. 

It’s okay to add limited relevant information about yourself rather than overcrowding your resume with words and experience. 

9. Ask relatable questions

Not asking any questions at the end of the interview is one of the blunders made by freshers.

Asking well-organized and relevant questions should show your enthusiasm to work for the company.

It will display your eagerness and curiosity to learn about the company and your role.

Keep reading to know the important questions you can ask your interviewer.

10. Ensure to ask about the next steps

Once the interview is done make sure to thank the interviewer or shake hands if it’s a comfortable situation.

You may wish to ask the hiring manager about the further steps, whether there will be any other round of interviews, or if there is any assignment that you need to submit. 

These are some of the interview tips for freshers that you can practice and implement during an actual interview.

Also, be mindful and read the room and answer accordingly. Stay confident and calm. 

Common Interview Questions for freshers with sample answers

The goal of hiring managers is to assess your capabilities and whether or not you are a good fit for the company. 

 Prepare these common interview questions for freshers


Listed below are some common interview questions for freshers

1. Tell me something about yourself?

It’s a universal question irrespective of the position or company. You can start by discussing your education qualification, work experience, and skills. 


"Thank you for this opportunity. My name is “X”, I am from Bangalore. I have completed my bachelor’s in IT from “ABC” University. I am persistent, smart working, and have a positive attitude towards life. I value my time and work so do I for the company I am working for. I have completed two internships in the <relevant> field.

My technical skills include proficiency in (include all your coding skills). In leisure time (include your hobbies)."

2. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

While answering these questions focus on the job description and craft your answer.

Example: you are applying for a psychologist job.

“I am a very patient and empathetic person, and my active listening and communication skills are remarkable.

I do get burnt out from time to time and also have emotional fatigue at times.”

3. Why are you interested in this role?

Do not forget to research the company! Align your skills and experience with the job role. 


“I closely align with the company’s vision (explain how you relate to it). My skill sets align with the job description. It will be a privilege to work for your prestigious company. Through this job, I will be able to showcase my technical and soft skills and contribute to the company’s growth and development.”

4. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? (OR) What are your long-term career goals?

This question is often asked to check your dedication and motivation towards your career objective and goals and whether they align with the company’s goals or not.


“Over five years I would like to explore all the opportunities that the company will offer me. My career goal is to become established (mention your profession). I would like to learn and contribute to the company’s growth as well as my personal growth.”

5. Why should we hire you?

It’s a tricky and challenging question mostly asked by HR. 


“I possess the qualifications and skills required for this role, also through my internship in “XYZ” company I have acquired “ABC” skills that will help me perform well. Also, I am confident and open to learning and implementing.” 

6. Do you have any questions from your end?

Don’t just thank the interviewer and leave! It’s your chance to ask the right questions.


“Yes, I do have a few questions.

Can you let me know how the company supports professional and career development for their employees?

What is the company’s work culture?

What are the key challenges for this position?”

Key Insights

  • Having a lasting first impression would help you give you an upper hand in getting the job.

  • Practicing these interview tips for freshers would help you stay ahead of the competition.

  • Going through the job description will help you answer most of the questions.

  • Remember to have a suitable resume for each position you are applying for.

If you have any queries just drop a comment and I will be happy to help you. 

If you want me to write about anything specific feel free to drop the topic in the comments. 

All the best for your next interview. Stay safe and do well. You got this!

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