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Top Questions Asked In Interviews

Wondering what questions will be asked in a interview.

“Job Interview”, I am feeling anxious already after reading this. What about you?

Preparing for a job interview has always been exhausting and stressful for most of us. 

It’s more nerve-racking than writing our semester-end exams!

While you prepare for your exams you might always ask the teacher to give you important questions to ease the preparation, similarly wouldn’t it be best for you if you already know what kind of questions the recruiter will ask? 

If yes, let me help you understand what questions you will be asked and how you can answer them. 

According to, recruiters believe that the initial 90 seconds are critical in determining your credibility.

In this blog, we will look into several examples of interview questions and answers that will prepare you for your next interview.  

Top 10 Interview Questions with Sample Answers 

Top 10 Interview Questions.

1. Tell me something about yourself

It is mostly the first question that the recruiter will ask you. Focus on your skills, accomplishments, qualifications, goals, and ambitions. 

Sample answer

 “My name is X, I am 23 years old and recently graduated from ABC University in IT Engineering. During my time at the university, I gained practical experience through various projects, including developing a mobile application for a non-profit organization to streamline its volunteer management process. 

  I am passionate about [mention specific areas of IT that interest you like cybersecurity, web development, etc.] I am eager to learn more about the latest technologies and trends, and excited to apply knowledge and skills to contribute towards the organization's growth and success.”

2. Why did you choose to apply for this job role/ position?

This question is asked to assess your motivation and passion for the job role. Also to know your interest in the company.

 As stated by 47% of applicants are turned down only for having an unclear understanding of the job description and what the company does. 

Sample answer

I am passionate about sustainable technologies and I've been keeping up with your latest initiatives, especially the introduction of waste management and renewable energy systems, and I'm excited to contribute to that development.

3. What are your greatest strengths?

Mention your soft and technical skills related to the job you are interviewed for. Back up your strengths with actual data if you are a working professional.

Sample answer

 “As a marketer, my biggest strength is my creativity. For instance, in my previous role through my creativity, I developed a marketing campaign that drove social media engagement and increased brand awareness by 35% within our targeted demographic.”

Sample answer

My greatest strength is adaptability. During my internship at Y company, I was tasked to learn a new programming language within a short period. Despite being unfamiliar with it I still dedicated extra time outside my college hours to study and practice. I believe my dedication and willingness to learn would be a valuable asset to the company.

4. What are your greatest weaknesses?

It’s indeed a tricky question! You don’t want to let the recruiter know about your flaws. 

Discussing your weaknesses would help your self-awareness. 

Always remember to back up your weaknesses with measures you are implementing to improve them. 

Sample answer

 I’ve been focusing on improving my public speaking skills. As a fresher, I haven’t had enough opportunities to present to large audiences. I have joined several public forums and clubs, and have enrolled in an online course to enhance my communication skills.

Sample answer

I have a problem in delegating tasks efficiently. I have always taken a lot of responsibility in my previous role which often burdened me. I have addressed this issue by assigning tasks to my team members based on their strengths and providing them assistance and feedback.”

5. What are your goals for the future?

Often the recruiter will ask you this question to know whether you will stay with the company for the long term. You can mention your short-term and long-term goals and ambitions.

Sample answer

As a data analyst, I aspire to become proficient in advanced statistical techniques and programming languages such as Python and R. I believe that this will serve me in identifying trends, optimizing processes, and solving business challenges in the long run of my career.” 

6. Why should we hire you?

Don’t sell yourself way too much. Be genuine and humble while answering this question.

Mention how passionate you are for the role and the company and how your skills are a good fit for the role.

Sample answer

Well, to begin with, I have all the relevant skills and expertise required for the job. I have worked as a journalist for 4 years, and I have demonstrated a strong commitment to delivering high-quality, accurate, and compelling content to my audience. 

I approach every story with curiosity and a commitment to uncovering the truth. So I believe my passion for journalism will help me seek new opportunities for growth and innovation in this field and towards your company.

Sample answer

I believe my passion for [industry/field] and the skills I have developed through my education and internships make me a strong applicant for this role.

During my internship at X company [mention a relevant project], I always sought for opportunities to improve my skills and contribute to the team's success.

Despite my lack of experience, I have a strong desire to learn and adapt to new technologies and situations.

7. What are your salary expectations?

This is a tricky question and you neither want to give a lesser amount that won’t suffice your worth nor a higher amount that will sound absurd.

Be mindful of researching the market salary expectation of the role you applied for. 

Sample answer

My salary expectation is around INR X,XX,XXX annually.” 

Sample answer

My salary expectation is between INR X,XX,XXX to INR X,XX,XXX annually.”

8. What are you looking for in a new position?

An easy and safe way to answer this question is by mentioning whatever the company is offering in the job description. 

Sample answer

I am looking for a role where I can further apply my SEO expertise in driving organic traffic for the company. I have worked with several startups where I have learned the necessary on-page and off-page SEO techniques.

Now I am looking for an opportunity to leverage my skills to drive measurable impact through digital marketing efforts.

9. Are you thinking about applying for jobs at other companies?

If you admit to having interviews with other companies it won't show your dedication to this one.

Also on the other hand if you say “NO” it might seem like you do not have many options.

What would be the right answer then? Don’t worry I am here to help you.

Sample answer

Not as of now as I was not actively looking for a job until one of my family members recommended this company. When I went through your company website and the job description it picked my interest as I am looking to work on engaging and sustainable projects such as yours.

I had three interviews last week with companies A and B. However I am highly passionate and interested in working with your company due to the previous projects you have done in the past. I also resonate with your company’s values and attributes [mention any company value that interests you]. If everything goes as intended, I would prefer to work for you.

10. Do you have any questions for me/us?

Not as of now. Thank you for having me.” Never answer this way!

Sample answer

Could you describe to me the company’s working culture?”

“What are the possible challenges I might face in this role?”

“What are the key metrics based on which my work will be evaluated?”

“What are the opportunities the company provides for training and development of the employees?”

“What are the next steps for this interview process?”

5 Common Interview questions for freshers with sample answers 

Interview questions for freshers.

Let’s look into Interview questions for freshers that will help you tailor and prepare your answers. 

1.  Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Sample answer: “In the next five years, I envision myself continuing to enrich my expertise

through research, clinical practice, and community engagement. I see myself expanding my

clinical skills to specialize in cognitive-behavioral therapy or trauma-informed care.

2. What are your biggest achievements?

Sample answer: “ One of my significant accomplishments was initiating a digital marketing campaign for a non-profit organization during my final year of University. I designed and implemented a targeted campaign that resulted in a 40% increase in engagement metrics and raised awareness.”

3. What are your hobbies and interests? 

Sample answer: “I am a very creative person, I enjoy painting and sketching. Also, I do a lot of volunteer work in old age homes and animal shelters it helps me cultivate empathy and compassion.”

4. How do you handle stress and pressure?

Sample answer: “I make a schedule daily, where I arrange my work based on priority and

deadlines. It clarifies my commitment towards my responsibility and keeps me organized.” 

5. Will you be able to work under pressure?

Sample answer: “During my final year project at University. We were given tight deadlines

to complete a complex software application. Despite encountering unforeseen challenges,

such as debugging errors and integrating new features, I remain focused and manage my

time efficiently to meet the deadlines.”

5 Common Interview questions for experienced professionals with Sample Answers

Experienced professional's interview questions.

1. Why are you leaving your current job?

Sample answer: “I truly appreciate the opportunities and experiences I have gained at X

company. I am seeking a new challenging role [mention specific aspects such as greater

growth potential, and new opportunities for professional growth], that aligns with my

long-term career goals and aspirations.”

2. How did you deal with criticism in your previous role?

Sample answer: “I have always approached criticism with an open mind and a willingness

to learn and improve. One such instance is when a colleague of mine pointed out that I could

improve my presentation skills during team meetings. Instead of getting defensive, I thanked

him for the feedback and asked for ways to improve. It helped me improve and fostered better

collaboration within the team.” 

3. In your prior position, have you overseen a significant project? What kind of planning did you do?

Sample answer: “ In my previous role as Sales Manager, I was responsible for leading a

major project aimed at increasing sales for [company/product]. I along with my team

conducted market research using SMART goals, throughout the execution phase we closely

monitored key performance indicators such as sales figures, customer feedback, and market

share. There was a significant increase in sales revenue from [X%] to [X%].”

4. Tell me about a time when you made tough decisions in your previous role

Sample answer: “In my previous role as a Project Manager, I encountered a situation where

we were facing tight deadlines. I carefully assessed the situation and considered various

options. I decided to reassign team members from other projects to ease the workload. 

Redistributing resources and settling on deadlines with other project managers were

necessary for this. Despite being a difficult choice to make, in the end, it guaranteed that the

project would be completed by the deadline.”

5. What did you dislike the most about your previous job?

Sample answer: “While I enjoyed working in my previous job, I felt stagnant in terms of

learning and advancing my skills. I believe continuous learning is the key to personal and

professional fulfillment, so not having enough access to training programs was


Key Insights

  • Prepare these interview questions and answers.

  • Practice and rehearse your possible answers before going to the interview.

  • Understand the question and tailor your answer accordingly.

  • Follow basic interview etiquette such as maintaining eye contact, keeping your posture straight, being polite, and so on. 

If you have any queries just drop a comment and I will be happy to help you out.

 Also if you want me to write about anything specific feel free to drop the topic in the comments. 

All the best for your next interview. Stay safe and do well. You got this!

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