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Start building your A+ team today

Meet just 5 candidates to find the perfect hire, not 20

Hire top talent

Your organization doesn't need a designation match, it needs someone who has the skills and attitude to thrive in a high-intensity role. 

We help you get such people.

Why Zifcare?

We're not a cookie-cutter recruitment agency. Here's how we are different:

Working on Stairs

Access passive candidates

The volume of applications on job boards puts off many good candidates from applying - we help you connect with such candidates using our internal database.

Working with Financial Documents

Stay within budget

We commit to staying within your budget and not recycling candidates - a technique used by other firms to unethically drive up their commission.


Craft custom employment terms

Need a fractional CXO? - No problem.

Want to incentivize via revenue share? - No problem.

We'll help you in drafting an agreement that results in win-win for you and the successful candidate.



We work with you to understand your talent needs and fulfill them

Hiring for startups is tough - apart from the right skills, candidates need the right attitude and must have the right expectations. 

That's where we come in.

Make hiring easier with Zifcare

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