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Benefits of Employee Appreciation

Did you ever receive a compliment or note of gratitude for your hard work? OR Did you ever send a compliment or note of appreciation to your employees? 

As soon as we see such a message or note a surge of happiness and motivation flows through our mind.

 According to Reward Gateway, a recognition culture reduces company employee turnover by 31%.

An organization functions with the efforts of the employees, finding the best employees and retaining them is indeed a challenging task for the management. 

Now you must be wondering “How to appreciate someone's work?”

Let’s delve into the blog to learn and implement the best ways to show Employee 


What is Employee Appreciation?

Employee Appreciation is a way of expressing gratitude, acknowledging achievements, and providing constructive feedback to the employees to boost their confidence and motivation. 

Employee Appreciation Day is celebrated every year on the first Friday in March.

Though I recommend you provide good work appreciation to your employees often. It can be in the form of verbal praise, rewards, promotion, or through meaningful gestures. 

Why is Employee Appreciation Important?

The consequences of a company not having a strong, purposeful recognition program are significant and widespread. As stated in the Gallup survey, "Standardly receiving low levels of appreciation can have serious consequences for the employee experience and workplace culture."

Organizations risk losing all of their personnel when they fail to demonstrate to them how much they are appreciated.

The research continues by identifying the following workers who only sometimes receive praise from a manager, supervisor, or other leader:

  • 5 times more likely to be actively uninvolved

  • 74% more people are likely to state that they do not intend to work for their company in a year.

  • 27% more likely to be having trouble

Similarly, workers who only sometimes receive praise from their colleagues each year include:

  • three times as likely to be actively uninvolved

  • 24% more likely to be struggling and 39% more likely to indicate they do not want to stay at their company in a year

Types of Employee Appreciation

The process of acknowledgment has great significance. Each worker uniquely accepts recognition. Not everyone benefits from public acclaim; shy employees would rather receive discreet appreciation. Once the personality type of the employee has been determined, publicly support them by giving them the kinds of acknowledgment that are most meaningful to them.

1. Superiority Against Peers

Getting compliments from a boss or someone in a higher position validates hard effort. Gaining the respect of a superior raises the chances of a promotion or wage increase as well as job stability. But occasionally, receiving appreciation from a coworker—even one who is lower on the organizational chart—feels just as nice. Appreciation is a wonderful feeling, no matter where it comes from.

2. Assigned versus Unidentified

Most acknowledgment comes from a well-known source. Generally speaking, there's no need to distinguish gratitude from the donor. However, an unidentified shout-out or thank-you letter left on a worker's desk occasionally has just as much impact. It eliminates the idea that the person granting the acknowledgment is doing it to appear like a team player rather than genuinely showing gratitude.

3. Private versus Social

As previously stated, no two workers have the same preference for acknowledgment. Some people live for the limelight, while others would much rather get quiet appreciation. It needs to be customized to each person's unique personality preferences. 

4. Achievement versus Behavior

Acknowledgment is frequently correlated with performance indicators, including meeting sales targets or working for a company for 20 years. However, one might also receive appreciation for putting in extra time at work, going above and beyond to support a colleague, or pulling off a fantastic office party.

Benefits of Employee Appreciation

1. A rise in worker motivation

Programs for employee awards and recognition are strong inducements that push workers to go above and beyond expectations. A McMaster University research found that workers who receive high praise had an 89% stronger feeling of purpose and determination. It is obvious that when workers feel valued and appreciated, their level of engagement, commitment, and drive to succeed increases.

2. Enhanced Job Satisfaction

Organizations foster an atmosphere where workers feel appreciated and content by acknowledging their efforts and successes. One of the numerous advantages of rewarding employees is increased job satisfaction and employee happiness, which is something that should not be minimized. Feeling valued results in increased job satisfaction and happiness, which in turn lowers turnover rates.

3. Boosted Employee Morale

A pleasant work atmosphere is fostered by a culture of awards and recognition. Seeing coworkers recognized for their efforts fosters a positive environment that raises spirits and promotes cooperation.

4. Increased Employee Engagement

Programs for employee appreciation promote involvement and active participation. When workers feel valued and acknowledged for their efforts, their level of engagement rises by 32%. Employees are more willing to interact with coworkers, provide creative ideas, and actively contribute to the success of the company as a whole when they feel appreciated.

5. Enhanced Productivity

Giving employees credit for their accomplishments encourages them to perform well and exhibit positive habits. Employee motivation to maintain and improve productivity levels follows, leading to increased production and efficiency.

6. Increased Employee Loyalty

Workers at companies that prioritize employee appreciation are 56% less likely to be job-hunting. By praising workers' contributions, companies may create enduring relationships with their staff. Acknowledged workers are more likely to become devoted and committed to the company, which lowers turnover and keeps top talent on board.

7. Enhanced Well-Being of Workers

Employee satisfaction with their jobs and general well-being are influenced by rewards and recognition. When granted acknowledgment, employees are also 73% less likely to experience burnout. Workers who feel valued have lower stress levels and more job satisfaction, which improves their work-life balance.

8. Improved Team Dynamics

Another advantage of employee incentives and recognition programs is improved team dynamics. Through the celebration of both individual and team accomplishments, recognition programs help firms build better team dynamics by encouraging a culture of cooperation and support among their workforce.

9. Higher Customer Satisfaction

Employees who receive recognition and rewards are more likely to deliver first-rate customer service. Their diligent work and upbeat demeanor result in higher customer satisfaction, which boosts client loyalty and spurs business expansion.

10. Positive Organizational Culture

Introducing incentive and recognition schemes contributes to the development of a positive workplace atmosphere. Top talent is drawn to companies with cultures that recognize and honor employee achievements. These cultures also foster a culture of gratitude and acknowledgment among staff members and foster a positive work atmosphere.

10 Best Ways to Show Employee Appreciation

7 Sample Quotes for Employee Appreciation Day

Here are 7 sample quotes for employee appreciation day that you can easily craft and send to your employees to keep them motivated. 

“Happy Employee Appreciation Day, I want to take this moment to thank you for your resilience and patience. I appreciate your passion. You are an inspiration to our team.”

Thank you for your time, efforts, and contribution towards the success of the company. We celebrate YOU on this Employee Appreciation Day.”

“You have an exceptional eye for detail. Well done for always surpassing every benchmark that we set. Happy Employee Appreciation Day!”

Your exceptional dedication, creativity, and enthusiasm to bring fresh perspective has always been consistent. We are delighted to have you."

Happy Employee Appreciation Day to the backbone of our company. Thank you for your hard work and dedication.”

You light up the workspace with your guidance and inclusive mindset. We admire you for your leadership abilities. Keep motivating us!”

Thank you for bringing your best selves to work. Your efforts and contribution have never gone unnoticed. We truly value you. Happy Employee Appreciation Day!”

Key Takeaways

  • Show good work appreciation to your employees frequently to boost their morale and confidence. 

  • Employee appreciation will help in retaining talented employees.

  • Use different ways to show appreciation toward your employees.

  • You can also send them personalized quotes on Employee Appreciation Day.

In the comments, what employee appreciation method have you tried before? 

What was the most effective employee appreciation method for you?

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