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How to answer "Tell me about yourself" in interviews

Be calm and answer the question" Tell me about yourself"

I was all prepped for the interview, I researched the company and prepared a top-notch resume as well.

As I sat across from the interviewer the first question she asked me was “Tell me about yourself” My mind went blank though we always talk about ourselves but at that point, I couldn’t think of anything.

It was nerve-wracking for me but I am here to help you figure out what you can say if you have been asked about the same.

Why does the interviewer ask "Tell me about yourself" 

According to Indeed, interviewers typically form an opinion about a candidate within the first 7 minutes of the interview. 

The recruiter isn’t interested in knowing about your life history, or what you had for breakfast,  or how you navigated your way to come for the interview.

The recruiter wants to understand how well you fit in the company, it acts as an introduction.

It’s always the first question that the interviewer asks, depending on what you answer further questions will be asked. 

Here is your opportunity to give a proper answer to leave a lasting impression.

If you answer it wrongly immediately you will be labeled an “OK candidate.” 

Focus on these 4 aspects  

Focus on these aspects to grasp the attention of the recruiter.

According to Simplilearn approximately 20% of the 118 applicants who submit a single job application are selected for an interview. 

Understanding the depth of competition you need to focus on these 4 aspects while answering” Tell me about yourself” 

1. Keep it short yet professional

You might think the longer the better but to burst your bubble, keep it up to 3 to 4 sentences long. Try to keep it under 1-2 minutes, at most. If you keep talking more than this it might seem like you are just rambling.

     Tip: Go for points that are relevant to the job. Don’t start talking about your life history.

2. Practice until you get it right

 “The more I practice the luckier I get.” - Gary Player.

Stand in front of the mirror and keep practicing your answer think about this as a part of your mock interview. 

Keep the structure in mind and frame your sentences along the framework. 

Tip: Do not memorize your answer, let the words flow accordingly to make it look more natural.

3. Recollect P.E.S.I 

Personal Introduction: Start your introduction by mentioning your name, and the place you

currently reside in.

Educational background: Mention your academic background, degree, or any certifications

related to your job.

Skills: Talk about your core skills and areas of expertise relevant to your job. If you are an

experienced professional you can mention your experience.

Interest: Discuss briefly your professional motivation and career goals and aspirations.  

4. Read the room

It’s important to understand your interviewer and what they are expecting from you. It seems

difficult, but you are set to answer once you crack it. 

Assume you are a software developer and the HR manager is interviewing you. You've all but

lost them if you start gushing about how much you adore Assembly code.

Tip: Tailor your answer accordingly.

Tell me about yourself best answer   

Tell me about yourself for Fresher sample answers

These are some of the sample examples for Tell Me About Yourself for freshers

Sample answer

“My name is X, I am 23 years old and recently graduated from ABC University in IT Engineering. During my time at the university, I gained practical experience through various projects, including developing a mobile application for a non-profit organization to streamline its volunteer management process. 

  I am passionate about [mention specific areas of IT that interest you like cybersecurity, web development, etc.] I am eager to learn more about the latest technologies and trends, and excited to apply knowledge and skills to contribute towards the organization's growth and success.”

Sample answer 

“I am a recent graduate with a degree in UI/UX design from XYZ College. Throughout my academic journey, I have developed a strong understanding of key design concepts such as user-centered design, visual hierarchy, wireframing, and prototyping, design thinking, and many more. 

I actively participated in various design competitions and gained practical experience through internships. 

Now, I am looking forward to leveraging everything I have learned to the success of the organization by bringing fresh perspectives and willingness to learn.”

Sample answer

“I am X, I have completed my bachelor's in Business Administration from X University with A CGPA. I have learned the key concepts of marketing, finance, and management. 

I have participated in various co-curricular activities organized various college events and even led the business club, which enhanced my communication and leadership skills.

While I don’t have any real-life experience, I’ve had exposure to the business world through participating in various business fairs. 

Now I am looking to leverage everything I have learned in University to get real-time experience.”

Tell me about yourself sample answers for experienced professional  

These are some of the sample examples for Tell me about yourself sample answers for experienced

Sample answer

Sure, I would be happy to. I have more than X years of experience in digital marketing and brand building. I’ve had the opportunity to delve into honing my skills in social media management, content creation, and data-driven campaigns.

In my previous role as a Senior Marketing Manager, I led a team of talented professionals where by leveraging innovative digital marketing tactics, the team was able to achieve a 40% increase in website traffic. I am eager to contribute my knowledge and expertise to the growth and development of the company.”

Sample answer

Sure, I am glad to. I am a data analyst with over 10 years of experience in analyzing company datasets to drive strategic decision-making. 

In my previous role at [company Y], where I developed a model that correctly predicted customer attrition, which within the first year of use reduced attrition rates by 15%. This not only saved the business a substantial amount of money, but it also showed that I could use data to address practical business problems.

I have worked in a variety of sectors over the years, which has improved my capacity to gain practical insights that directly impact bottom-line results. I am excited about this opportunity to bring my skills to Company X.

Sample answer

Sure, thank you for asking. I am a seasoned journalist with 5+ years of experience in both print and digital media. What I enjoy most about journalism is that it may lead to important and meaningful discussions and drive constructive change.

 I have developed my research, interviewing, and narrative skills over the years, consistently meeting deadlines and adapting to changing media environments.  I am very skilled at using multimedia and social media to improve narrative and interact with viewers on a variety of platforms. 


I believe in the power of media to inform, inspire, and empower society and individuals. I am eager to contribute my passion and expertise to your team.”

Key Takeaways 

  • Be confident and structured and deliver your answer well.

  • Keep it short and precise.

  • Tailor it according to the job you are applying for and also based on the recruiter.

  • Practice your answer beforehand so that you don’t feel anxious at that point. 

  • Mention your academic qualifications, skills, and experience.

Now I hope you have certain clarity on how to answer this question and be polite yet assertive while answering the interview questions.

If you want to learn about more topics related to job interviews, kindly drop a comment we will be happy to help you out.

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